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The Name Game.

Peg Howard

Everything has to be called by something. When I started my earring design creating journey many years ago, it was decided to give the designs girls names.  After all its funner  to hear- "oh I just love Lucy", than for someone to try and describe one of my wild designs like know that wild spinning blue design. How do I name them. Its not as easy as it may seem.  The name has to fit them. The names come from people who have been in my world for the last 62 years. Some are old friends, some new friends, some family.  I have decided every once in a while to give someone a chance to have an earring named after them. So if your visiting the page and see an earring named Mystery with a number behind it and your the FIRST one to put it in your cart. It will be forever named after you.  I will switch it out on the website.  I think that could be really fun.  In case you have a name that was already used, I will allow you to choose a name for it. :) Thats only fair!  Guess what else. There is more jewelry to come.  Pendant and bracelets, too.  Your name could be on one of them.  Here is the first Mystery design waiting for its name.  UPDATE!!!  She has been named  :) Her name is Deborah!

Mystery 11.jpg

Beginnings and New Adventures

Peg Howard

March 2010. Seven years ago. I began to finally work through an idea I could not get out of my head ... it first came to me in 2005. I wanted to create earrings-but I wanted to also create the design that was the focal point of those earrings. It took me 5 years of art making and exploring to come up with designs that I was happy with sharing with others. Back in 2010- my area of the world still had dial up internet. So no website.  A very special friend of mine fell in love with my earrings, and the next thing I knew she was selling them on her website and they were being carried in some museum gift shops around the county. You can still find the original style in the museum gift shops.  She encouraged me to build my own website. Internet has improved in my area- thank goodness. So here we are.  My love for designing the earrings has only grown and I introduced the current style with bead this year just to be featured here!!!  I am focused like the tiger you see below... to keep on growing as an artist and designer and am glad you have stopped by to see my creations. I hope you find joy.