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Some thing REALLY COOL!

Peg Howard

Its been a wonderful artistic journey as That Really Cool Jewelry designs and styles has grown. By far, one of the really cool things I have heard from moms who own the earrings is- my daughter loves them just as much as I do.   Shelley G in South Carolina got four pairs from me this past winter. She picked a couple pairs to share with her college age daughter. She reported back- her daughter loves them as much as I do and wanted them all.  Another report  from Anne in Georgia tells the story of her preteen daughter who saw a couple of her pairs and promptly grabbed her favorite. Anne said, " She hardly wears earrings but just loved those and especially loved her friends telling her,  -those are really cool earrings."  My own story is one of 4 generations. My mom, myself , my daughter and granddaughter all think they are really cool. I guess art does that, it knows no age.  I love being an artist that can share small works of my art. I think its really cool that it brings generations to the same place of enjoyment. A blessing for all. I reflect often when I do my abstract designs.  There are many layers of design in most of then, its the generations of the layer before it that makes each one special.  Layered in this design you will find tree trunks and clouds, underneath all the words and design elements. A little mystery that tells a story to the beholder.