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A Little Love for Everyone.

Peg Howard

Sending you some Love. This was created a few weeks ago. I believe Valentines Day can be any day, and should be for all you love.  Enjoy. Pendants are coming....working through the leather cords I have decided to use, because I am not content with  the silver or silver plate chains I was originally going to use ( not fond of polishing silver and the southern humidity is not silvers friend). Found some awesome leather cording...... Can not wait to share what I love about the new direction and what the pendants are gonna look like.

Sending Love to Everyone.jpg

Earrings IN Ears.

Peg Howard

Wanted to add this picture of some of my favorite folks wearing the earrings. They really are loved by young and the young at heart.  I have been asked what they look like here is a sample of two different pairs of the Disney inspired earrings taken on a trip this summer to Disney World.

PhotoPass_Visiting_MK_404346419476 copy.jpg

A journey through

Peg Howard

Today' s post takes you inside my mind as I fleshed out a designs that I have been playing with.  Yes, the design part is play mixed with a heavy dose of passion for color.  The sparks come and I must act on them. Not everything is for everyone to see. Star play began with a blank white canvas. Brushes of color laid down inspired me to think of myself  in a balloon floating as the sun set. Looking down at the patches of earth below as I floated through the stars. I can not wait to audition this as a pendant. New sublimation inks are on the way. Stay tuned as this piece evolves to completion.  Ah color and design- its my toybox.   

stary play.jpg