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The Artist

Creativity is always a really cool adventure!

Creativity is always a really cool adventure!

Welcome and a great big HELLO to you!

My name is Peg Howard. I create the art that becomes the focal point of each piece of That Really Cool Jewelry products you see.

Each piece I create begins with one of my photographs or digitally created designs. Using contemporary technology, I enhance, remix, and layer elements to create the unique artwork. I am the maker from start to finish. My hands touch each piece from creation of the artwork to the completion of the final product destination.

I find inspiration everywhere, framing both nature’s wonders and man-made structures in my camera lens. I am a huge Disney fan and have found personal and artistic inspiration in Walt Disney’s life and achievements. That particular line of products is my Slices of Magic.

My art brings me great joy. I find happiness as designs emerge from my imagination into something I can hold in my hand. Sharing my creations with you is the culmination of more than 40 years as an artist. Its never complete as an artist until the joy is shared. Enjoy your time here!