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Our designer earrings are the lightest most comfortable earrings you will ever wear. Each earring is a handcrafted UV laminated giclee art print. A glass bead is then chosen to add that extra special touch. Each pair of earrings comes mounted on a "Really Cool Earring Card" designed for you to place the earrings back on the card for safe keeping. If you would like more information on the materials

Questions asked more than once.

Got a question you dont see here?  We will be glad to answer it, just click the email link at the bottom of the page or fill out the contact us form. We will get back to you within 24 hours if possible. If it gets asked more than once- you may just see it here.

1. Can you tell me more about the earrings ? . Each rectangle part of the  earring is a handcrafted UV laminated giclee art print.( what does this mean? I use archival artist paper for printing, archival pigment inks to print with, archival commercial grade uv laminate that is heat pressed, yes plastic coated BUT WILL NOT yellow :) to seal and protect.  All materials were tested for 5 years for colorfastness before deciding to create product with those materials for sale. My goal from the beginning was to have great color and detail.   They are hand cut and hand punched. I choose a glass bead to compliment the design and then fasten each unit to silver tone earring wires for pierced ears. These earrings are sturdy. Don't worry about long hair, scarves, wind gusts or enthusiastic hugs. WARNING:  Do expect to be told "those are really cool earrings!" From charm top to bead bottom, earrings are ½" x 1½". The earrings are water resistant but we DO NOT advise wearing them scuba diving. Our designer earrings are the lightest most comfortable earrings you will ever wear.  

2. Should I wear the backs with them or do you include them just to keep them on the really cool earring card?  We highly recommend that you use earring backs, our earrings are so light you hardly know they are there until someone pays you a compliment. So if you hardly know they are there- we don't want you to miss one and the backs will help with that. ( Just in case you lose one....for the cost of shipping to the original purchaser- we will replace 1 (one) earring. I make this offer because a customer told me the next time she saw me, she was so upset when she lost one of her earrings because they were one of her favorite pair to wear. I didnt want her sad or upset, so I make that offer to anyone who purchases a pair of my earrings.  

3. How long till I get my order?  We are as small shop. I am the designer, maker, shipper,. I have one little elf that comes every now and then. We appreciate your patience as we prepare your order.  We attempt to ship orders within 5 to 7 business days of them being placed.   I attempt to keep stock on hand, but sometimes I have to make it on demand when things get BUSY!!! Me and my one little elf.  You will get a confirmation upon receipt of your order and another with tracking when it ships.  I can be reached at if you have any questions concerning rushing an order. Thanks ever so much for doing business with our small shop and understanding the little things about a small shop. Your happiness is of utmost importance!!

4. Do you do clip-on earrings? Its something I am working on. Due to the nature of the design/style I want it to hang freely like the pierced ones do- so working through that. Please sign up for the newsletter I will announce through that when I have got it done.

5. Whats my favorite color? I love them all, I love color! 

6. I've never seen anything like your earrings- how long have you been making them? I have done some variation of the earrings without the beads for 7 years. The beauty of creating my own art as part of the focal piece, means I will never run out of ideas. The beads where added this year in addition to the elongated shape. You would only have seen the others in museum gift shops- until this year I have not sold them directly to people  :)   I really wanted to be able to have that artist to buyer connection. So here I am.  :)