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Life and Health are sometimes unpredictable. Hang in there with me folks……The dream is still alive! I will be restocking…..when I know I can meet your expectations for delivery and my own for giving you the best I have to offer. Dreams and designs still grow and live-

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"People say -

I love your earrings- “really cool !!” I enjoy wearing them so much!

C Jones, Kansas City, Missouri

Artfully Fashionable- New Earring Designs, Necklaces, Bracelets, Ornaments and more are coming!

You will able to enjoy exploring these uniquely artful ways to style yourself and your home..when these images are linked to a live product page. Be sure and sign up below for the newsletter to be the first to know and get an opportunity to shop FIRST!

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Really Cool Earrings

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Really Cool Bracelets

2018 AK Ornament Prototype 2.jpg

Really Cool Ornaments

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Rally Cool Necklaces

 Be Real. Be Cool. Find Joy

Have you found your JOY? Peg Howard found her joy in creating art and birthed That Really Cool Jewelry. That’s REAL. Art Connects and that joy is shared. Connection with art is REAL. How cool that you can now wear and share the joy that connection brings you!

………..In what ever you do or wear. Be Real. Be Cool. Find Joy!! then share it!


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18 designs